Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Site for Allergies

I just went there today & ordered THIS for Flynn. It wasn't cheap ($11 plus shipping), so I will probably wait & give to her for her Bday.
I'd been toying around w/ ordering her one. Mostly seemed beneficial in case she were to have a reaction, pass out, then be found by someone who might not know of her severe allergy.
Used code BUTTERFLY for a 10% discount.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Check Labels on Medicines & Lip Care

A month or so ago, after a 10-day stint with diarrhea, I called my daughter's pediatrician. The phone nurse recommended culturell. So, as an obedient parent, I go right then to Walgreens & get the culturell.

I get home, open the capsul & sprinkle the powder onto a banana. I start to feed it to my girl (who had started to take a bite) when it dawned on me to double-check the label. I made my girl stop & my eyes went right to whey.

I did a major finger sweep. And my husband & I proceeded to squirt water in her mouth while she spit it out into the toilet.


Then, after a week of laryngitis & unexplainable bumps around her mouth, I finally thought to look at the chapstick that my daughter had been sparingly smearing on her mouth for that time period. About 1/2 way down on the list of ingredients is HYDROLYZED MILK PROTEIN. So I have basically been smearing milk on my girl -- who is EXTREMELY allergic to milk. Great. Thanks Avon. Wonder if they would reimburse my co-pay to the pediatrician Monday... because I was so concerned about her lack of voice.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Part Where I Want to Kick Someone in the Throat

Yes, it's that part of my day...

on account of reading some of the comments posted here. In response to our MLB stadium making a decision to open a peanut free section (ONE section) at one of the games this season (ONE game), they opened the question up to some the fine (using the term loosely) readers on their site.

Some people still think that parents of allergy kids are overreacting & blowing things out of proportion.
I wish those people had been around the evening last summer when Flynn's airway closed. And then I could've jammed the giant needle of the epi-pen into their leg as well.

As I read, I thought to myself, 'Really? Are there really people that ignorant? Really?'

And then I commented. And so did Jeff. And I wanted to kick someone in the throat.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday Fun!

Food Allergy Fair w/ Kyle Dine
Saturday May 17, 2008
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Kirkwood Community Center
Street: 111 South Geyer Rd.
City State Zip: Kirkwood, MO 63122

Notes:Mark your calendars! A FREE children’s concert and Food Allergy Fair hosted by Gateway FEAST (Food allergy, Eczema and Asthma Support Team) and AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America-St. Louis Chapter) will take place Saturday, May 17th from 9 am to Noon, at the Kirkwood Community Center. Kyle Dine is an anaphylactic musician on a mission to promote food allergy awareness across the globe. His upbeat and catchy music delivers many important messages encouraging children to learn about food allergies in a fun way! To learn more about Kyle Dine visit his website at www.kyledine. com .There will also be samples of foods from manufacturers of various special “allergen-free” products, information, coupons, experts and product vendors who cater to those affected by food allergies, asthma and/or eczema-and many door prizes! All for FREE and open to the public!

Early registration is recommended by calling 314.645.2422 or e-mail FEAST@aafastl. org. Please join us!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Allergy Mom

It would take me forever to write every single moment or meticulous thing I have to do to ensure Flynn's safety. But here are some of the things I can remember (as I'm barely able to stay awake right now):

6:30 am Flynn wakes me. I know lots of moms who brag that their kiddos don't wake them or they can wave them off to the other room to play or watch tv. But not an option for us. She could help herself (not likely, but still) to something to eat or drink that could be deadly for her. Or if something was left out the night before, or by Jeff in haste for his early departure. So, I'm up with her. She immediately asks for a drink. I go ahead & pour Bub's cup too since I like to group task & Mondays are a bit rushed. I have a method of unscrewing his cup, but leaving the lid on til the last moment...I then hold his lid in one hand as I fill it up w/ the other. That eliminates the chance that his lid will leave a residue on the sink. Which could be deadly to her (you'll see that phrase a few times)

7:30 am I put her breakfast out. We have this down pat, but I can't just give her any ol' thing. It has to be what we've bought ahead knowing it's safe. I gave her a banana & a roll.

8:30 am Papa gets here. I show him which cup is hers as she takes one final drink & puts it away. I also remind him that she'll be dropped off after dance by our good friend (the only one trusted so far w/ such a task) today.

8:45 am Load her up in the car. She asks to sit in Gabe's carseat which is in the middle. I usually say no becuz I'm scared the straps / upholstry could have something unsafe (dried milk ingredient something) on them. I say yes this time. For whatever reason.

9 am Drop Flynn off. Kiss her, but not directly on the lips. I don't think I've eaten anything unsafe, but it's just not good practice (besides, major germ-spreading). Touch base w/ good friend & double check that she's dropping Flynn off. I scan girls' faces as I walk out of the studio to see if anyone has obvious signs of dirty mouths / breakfast debris...

Five minutes later. Pray the whole way to my meeting that Flynn stays safe. Will a buddy hold her hand in dance class who maybe ate a chocolate donut on the way to dance? Will someone have a milk mustache & kiss her on the cheek?

10 am (in my meeting) The phone rings. It's Papa. He was a bit worried, Flynn got dropped off w/ a package of the McD's apple slices (sans caramel dip) & he's not sure they're safe. They are. And our good friends know this (she asked ahead of time) but I failed to communicate that to Papa. And am glad he double-checks everything.

11 am Read an email about a little boy who died from a peanut allergy. Say another prayer for Flynn that she'll be safe when she's out of my care.

11:30 am Leaving meeting to go to Shop N Save to get soy dream ice cream. Flynn's preschool is having a beach day & they're (for whatever reason) serving ice cream as the snack. So, I must bring an alternative unless I want her left out again. They don't carry the i.c.sandwiches anymore. I sadly pick up a $5 pint of plain chocolate. Knowing I'll have to make them.

12 pm Get home. Scrub my hands. Non challantly comb over her face when I see her. It's just habit now. I don't even mean to do it. So many times tho I've discovered welts/bumps/reactions from the outside 'world'.

12:30 pm Bribe her w/ "Just one more bite & we'll make cookies." We make the cookies. Then I smear dabs of ice cream on each & sandwich to freeze.

1 pm Make a mental note that I need to send a package of wet wipes w/ her for the kids to wipe their hands off after their ice cream. One drip could be deadly.

1:30 pm Try to convince Flynn that a nap would be really fun. And then I could get some stuff done.

4 pm Panic thinking about how I let Flynn talk me into her staying ALL DAY at preschool tomorrow. And what will she take for lunch??

6 pm Dino Nuggets, peas, & fries for supper. Daddy & I have pizza becuz he did a fundraiser & we ordered some. She gets close to me while I'm eating & I snap at her that she should know better than to get close to me when I'm eating something 'unsafe'. Then I think about how she's 4.5 yrs old & how many other kids her age have such responsibility. Wash hands & mouth.

8 pm I'm working out & hear someone bashing McDonalds. I hate it too but defend it as it's one place we know she has a few safe options.

9 pm Get back from working out. Go to her bed where she's sleeping & kneel down. Say a long prayer that God will protect her like He always does. Please Lord, keep her wise & sound, bring to her rememberance all the careful procedures we've taught her. Give her teachers quickness & concentration w/ her allergy. Keep her from harm.

9:15 pm Laugh at the uncrustables Jeff tried to make. He blames his difficulties on the bread because it's "so soft". Talk to Jeff about how I can keep her ic sandwiches froz during the 30-minute ride. Pack the mother of all lunches. Daddy's sandwich (5th try). Pickle spears. Apple sauce. 2 cookies. I cut wheat tortilla into strips & Jeff laughed & asked what she was supposed to do w/ that. I just didn't want her to be hungry. So I sprinkled it w/ cinnamon. Frozen Capri Sun. I wrote I LOVE YOU on the container. I made sure I packed a paper plate & napkin. I got scared thinking about lunch time tomorrow.

10 pm Read email. Allergy fair coming this weekend. Excited about seeing new stuff to make our lives easier. This is one of the easier days. Scary days are days w/ birthday parties & family dinners. Or going places like chuck e cheese's or someone's house.
There are a million things I do everyday w/o even realizing it, that I did not document because it's just 2nd nature to me from doing them for over 4 years.

I always have to give God thanks for blessing Jeff & I with our abilities to keep Flynn's environment safe. I've only messed up a couple of times. And that's only because of God's protection.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

McDonalds Owner Follows Up

Jerry Flagg, owner of this McDonalds, called me yesterday.
He apologized (like that's worth anything) & said there is not currently such a sign (No Food Allowed in Structure). He said that because McDs is a franchise, that for him to put up such a sign, would require permission from a corporate person. And that he would "look into it."

I brought up the point that with there being so many allergies right now, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

And while I don't plan to sue (gee, if I wanted to, I could have sued Archway Foods last summer for mislabeling their cookies & Flynn nearly dying), not everyone shares my beliefs, and many people are just waiting for the chance.

I agree that I could just ask a parent (allowing their child to go into the structure with deathfood) to please oblige, it would be much easier with such a rule, that I could refer to as a reinforcement. (imagine me asking said parent to not let their ranch-dressing-dripping child carry his dressing-dripping nugget into the tunnel...then imagine me pointing to said sign).
And I told Jerry this.

He again apologized, said he doesn't want me to discontinue our playdates at the playplace (bet you don't Jer, we drop $10 everytime we come, along w/ whomever we meet there!).

For whatever that's worth!!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

McDonalds Once Again Disappoints

I just submitted this to the comments of McDonald's website:

I'm in the process of writing a letter to someone in the corporate office but wanted to quickly give some feedback about this topic,
My daughter has a severe milk allergy, and while I rarely voice concerns over this (having a belief that we should just absorb our concerns, or maybe not eat out), I felt this is a concern for all parents (esp parents of allergic children).
I'd never eaten at this particular playplace. But 2 weeks ago, we were invited & we obliged. After an uneventful visit, we returned last week and then again yesterday.
I was shocked to see a child (approx 18 mos) toddling toward the climbing structure, about to climb in, holding a chicken nugget, with ranch dressing dripping off. He was in the most easily seen part of the playplace, right in front of the entrance, in plain sight of the counter (employees). He walked around for quite a while with the food. I'm certain that anyone watching from the counter could have seen.
While it is my prerogative to approach that parent & ask that she take it from the child, and wipe his hand before he enters the structure, I really don't feel I should have to be a rule implementer; considering I don't own/run the restaurant.
Are there rules about the children entering the structure with food or while eating? Are these rules posted?
As a parent of a child who has an anaphylaxis allergy, who will have a reaction upon mere contact with a milk-based ingredient, I'm scared enough to never return.
But as a parent of another child who isn't allergic, I am appalled that there could be food/food particles in parts of that structure that are unseen to parents.
I am confident that with a corporation the size of McDonald’s, with allergy awareness, there is surely such a rule. And perhaps at this particular location, the rule is just not being enforced.
As previously stated, I am in the process of creating a letter & hope to hear back from someone regarding my concern.
Thank you.